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At the Law Offices of A. Grant McCrea, we bring you the kind of service you would get at a top-tier law firm in Manhattan, yet at small firm prices. Our lead attorney, Grant McCrea, is a New York City family law attorney who has been practicing law for over 30 years. He spent the majority of those decades as an associate or partner in prestigious international law firms. However, in recent years he has turned his attention towards serving the families of boroughs like Queens and the Bronx with his family law practice. He is a tough courtroom opponent when it counts, a savvy negotiator when it’s necessary and a wise and compassionate counselor when you need one.

Family Law Attorney in New York County

We handle a variety of issues within the family law practice area, including all aspects of divorce and separation. Divorce is one of the most contentious procedures in civil law. Mr. McCrea understands how difficult it can be, and will take you down the path of least resistance (if that’s what you want) and advise you on how to achieve the best possible outcome for you. While the author of two mystery novels clearly enjoys a good puzzle and a winding tale, his clients are more than a case to resolve. We treat everyone with the care and concern you would expect from a family member. We will discuss with you your goals for a post-divorce future and set out a plan on how to help you get there.

Mr. McCrea excels at alternative dispute resolution as well as litigation. For couples going through a divorce, working out an agreement or settlement may be the best path to take towards reaching your goals. We can help you decide on a fair and equitable solution that a judge will easily approve. If you and your spouse are unable to come to terms, we will be a vigorous advocate for you in court, working to get you what you want.

Child Custody Attorney in New York County

In New York, the courts determine which parent will have legal and physical custody of the children. Legal custody is the right to make decisions about or for the child, like medical care and education. Both spouses usually share this right by a joint decision. You may have good reason to want to deny your spouse that right, and we can help you make that case. If you and your spouse can’t agree on joint custody, a judge may find that it wouldn’t be in the child’s best interest to provide joint custody.

We can help with other family law issues, like helping stepparents gain full parental rights over a stepchild. Our office is in Manhattan; however, we serve Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Yonkers. Consult with us today.

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