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At the Law Offices of A. Grant McCrea, we’re fortunate enough to have as our lead attorney one of the best litigators in New York City. The Euromoney Legal Media Group took things a step further, naming him one of the top litigators in the world two years running, owing to his three decades of practice working cases involving multinational corporations. From humble beginnings in Canada to one of the world’s best is an amazing accomplishment. After several years working at high-end firms in the city, he helps clients from everywhere, not just the business world, with their civil suits and helps them resolve their disputes for the best possible outcome.

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Civil litigation is a broad practice area that encompasses many issues. It includes personal injury, contract disputes and wrongful termination claims. All of these suits can be costly and take time. Fortunately, our attorneys are masters at alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation and arbitration.

Dispute Resolution Lawyer in New York

The mediation process would involve you and the opposing party sitting down with an impartial third party facilitator to help work things out to reach an equitable result. You aren’t required to have a lawyer represent you at such a process; however, having a lawyer helping you through the process is becoming an afterthought, especially in high stakes negotiations.

Arbitration is a more structured form of dispute resolution, and it is more common to have a lawyer present. You’ll present a case to a third-party similar to a court trial with the third party making a final decision. Arbitration can resolve cases efficiently without the burden of a costly trial.

Excellent New York Litigator Offers Big Firm Service at a Small Firm Price

Whether you chose to negotiate a settlement, use alternative dispute resolution or fight it out in court, we can help you achieve the best possible outcome. Our attorneys are creative, skillful and are determined to see you get justice however you chose to resolve your civil case. Our lawyers have all the tools: skill, experience, passion for justice and a deep concern for their client’s best interests. We serve clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Yonkers, The Bronx, Staten Island and all of New York County. Call us at the Law Offices of A. Grant McCrea today.

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